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Are you here to claim your free magic carpet lead generation blueprint?  If so, you are in the wrong place.  We don't do that!

Lead generation and lead management are hard work.  You already know that, its why you are here.  You may have even tried some of the instant solutions offered on social media but the reality is, one off solutions and blueprints don't work.

Lead generation is not a set and forget.  It takes time and constant campaign modification in response to changing conditions.  What worked pre-covid, didn't work during covid and what worked during covid will unlikely work post covid.  Social media, technology and all the elements that shape customer sentiment are changing daily.  Keeping current on what is working is a full time commitment to monitoring, measuring and testing every part of your campaign.

Lead generation takes :

  • Knowledge of the latest social media trends
  • Knowledge of the various platforms advertising tools
  • Monitoring and understanding the changing social media platform and Google algorithms
  • Monitoring and understanding of customer sentiment

We can be your full time lead generation manager

Real Estate Leads?

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Lead Management

To be successful, Lead Generation needs to be married to Lead Management otherwise most of your leads are lost within days. To have an effective lead management strategy you need:

  • Understanding of your market's decision making cycle
  • Understanding of where each lead sits on that decision making timeline
  • Knowledge of how to use the latest communication automation tools
  • Knowledge of what communication methods are most effective.

Professional lead management is a full time commitment and it is what we do, so you can focus on your key skills, making sales.

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What Does Leadhoundz Do?

We generate qualified leads for you at a fixed price.  The Leads we generate for you, are yours alone.  We never sell your lead to someone else.

We have the most sophisticated lead management software on the planet and manage your leads so that they become leads for life.  A valuable asset that secures the future of your business.

Want to know more?  Drop us an email and a Lead Generation consultant will contact you to discuss your needs.

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