You May Never Have To Prospect For Leads Again

Imagine having highly qualified appraisal requests arriving in your inbox every week

Imagine no more cold calling.  No more letter drops.  No more irate "LEADS" hanging up when you call.  Just property owners in your farming area genuinely requesting a property appraisal.

Leadhoundz have developed a lead generation process that delivers genuine appraisal requests.  Our leads are not like those sold by lead gen marketers that use deceptive click-bait techniques to trick property owners into clicking a link and calling them a lead.  These are genuine requests for a property appraisal.

Real Estate Lead Gen

You Can Have Sole Access To Leads For Your Postcodes!

We have a strict policy of supplying appraisal requests to no more than one agent in any given postcode.  That means no more race to be the cheapest.  No more phone hang ups from frustrated property owners who have been inundated with calls from every other agent in your area, all of whom have purchased the same lead.

Lead Management System

Have you ever done a property appraisal only to see the property listed with another agent a month later? 

Marketing expert Dr. Jeffrey Lant, talks about the Rule of Seven – it takes at least 7 touch points before you enter the prospect's consciousness.  We understand that just supplying you with the best qualified leads in Australia is not enough to guarantee a listing.  That's why we have developed the most sophisticated Lead Management and Follow Up System in the country which is provided and branded to our clients.

Your prospect will receive 7 non-invasive communications from you in the first week after you send the appraisal.  These include automated email, SMS and Voicemail messages, none of which are sales calls and they get ongoing value add communications until they are ready to list - even if that is a year or more into the future.  Every lead becomes a lead for life without you having to  do the work.

In addition to the Lead Management System, we also provide you with a mobile app that give you instant notification of any contact from your leads and a full history of your communications with them right on your phone.

Lead Management Software

Exclusivity Offer

No-one else is making you an offer like this, but it may not be available for long.

  • Highly qualified property appraisal requests
  • Sole access to leads for your area - guaranteed
  • No commission splits
  • Lead management software to maximize the value you get from every lead
  • Mobile App to keep in touch with your leads from anywhere
  • Get Leads For Free (ask us how)


Peter"I had a discussion with David from Leadhoundz, his approach was no nonsense, straight down the line. Having been a sales rep himself he understood all of my early concerns.  I explained my farm area, he wrote the ads and “turned on” the lead generation.

I was so busy with appraisals that after 2 weeks I had to ask David to turn it off as I couldn’t cope with the workload.  Leadhoundz delivered above on what they initially promised, and for me that’s exactly what I wanted.

I would highly recommend David and Leadhoundz home appraisal generating service"

Peter Padovan
Harcourts Rockingham WA

If your area is still available you can take control of that marketplace today and lock out your competitors.

We guarantee exclusivity for each area, but that also means we cannot guarantee your area will be available tomorrow.  If a competitor claims your location, it is likely that it will be lost to you forever so you cannot afford to wait.  Call today on 1800979784 or complete the request for information form right now.  

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